Six Track Friday

I couldn't choose a single one, so here's a few things I've been listening to.

Six tracks/videos that came out this week, Three for your day and Three for you night. 

Firstly, Ex Reyes out of New Orleans.  Always a sucker for the SINGLE TAKE, I woke up with this playing in my head AND THAT MEANS SOMETHING DAMMIT. 

Dear Devendra. My friend Zac (STONE BEGUILED REPRESENT (middle school band)) burned me a copy of Cripple Crow in highschool, and I still give it a listen from time-to-time. Devendra's new work is a departure from the gypsy folk I loved as a kid, into a Peter Gabriel-esque soundscape of hushed drum machines. Maybe David Cronenberg's Saturday night. 

The production on this is fantastic. It's an accomplishment I usually attribute with James Blake - expansive instrumentation with intimate vocals.  Thundercat on bass none-the-less, but that guy's everywhere now-a-days, just ask KDOT. I've featured Moses a couple times on the site, and I believe this his his best work yet. 

Now here are a couple for your evening? 

Congrats to the new creative director of MTV LABS, talking about THE Pretty Flacko. He features on Mura Masa's new jam Love Sick. The vocal sample here has this awesome Burial texture, and of course the Caribbean steel drums, that Jamie xx has dragged into the spotlight, are heavily featured. Its light, and it Jams. 

Kaytranada has blowwwn up. While I can't say this is my favorite track off his new album, this video is excellent. Syd's vocals give this track a Disclosure/Little Dragon feel, and I gotta say, I'm for it. 

While I'm usually skeptical of all things EDM, this work by Jacob Plant really reminds me of Modeselektor, whom I love beyond question. Also this video is SOMETHING ELSE. META MUCH? 

There ya go. 6 new tracks for your Friday. I have to get back to work now.