Tracks With Quotes

I read a lot - or at least pretend to.

Here are a few selections from the week paired with a few lines from a book I like. Keep the Friday Fire going. 

1. Nick Waterhouse - L.A. Turnaround 

-- Uncanny how models in cigarette ads always have that "not watching anything, not thinking anything" look in their eyes. --

2. DizTroy with Mystic Davis - Mystic Strings

-- Convenient approximations bring you closer to the true nature of things. --

3. Solange - Cranes in the Sky

-- Sounding like she just stepped out of the bath. --

4. Lil Yachty - All In

-- Death leaves cans of shaving cream, half used. --

5. Thom and Jonny - Present Tense

-- I can only watch your clothes dry for so long. --