A Little Life

I don't post about literature on this site. I read quite a bit, but I don't feel qualified to broach the subject, nor do I usually feel a need to. 

I'm taking exception today however, because this past weekend I finished Hanya Yanagihara's most recent work, A Little Life, and I would be remiss if I did not comment upon it. 

To say the novel is "powerful" or "sadly beautiful" is both insulting and dull.  While I cannot say it rivals Nabokov's linguistic flair -  The Sympathizer can bark up that tree - it does take the thematic torch and throw it on a pyre. 

I could yammer on for most of the day about how relateable it was. How alien it was. How I haven't read something so consuming and devastating in a long, long time. But I'll resist that urge and plainly say that it was tremendous. 

Read it.